VBA Walkthrough #2: Message Encoder & Decoder

This VBA macro is hopefully a bit more interesting than the last, and shows how I created a message encryptor/decryptor in Excel using VBA/macros.

The lesson covers these specific areas of VBA usage:

– For…Next loop (including nested loops)

– If…ElseIf…Then Statement

– Excel functions: CHAR() / LEN() / VLOOKUP()

– VBA functions: Mod / Mid / Asc / Chr

Download the Message Encryptor & Decryptor here to follow along with the video lesson.

2 thoughts on “VBA Walkthrough #2: Message Encoder & Decoder

  1. Hi,

    Great post.

    I have managed to modify your VBA macro so that it includes batch encoding/decoding. But in terms of performance it’s very slow with large batches (seven strings with five characters per seconds). For small batches it works great.

    I was wondering if you had any recommendations for simple encoding and decoding, like the one you have here, but that would perform better with batch conversion.


    – Bergen

  2. Hi Ben, I would just like to show my appreciation via this comment as nobody has yet made a comment on this video and simply say – you are awesome!!!

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make the VBA you run throughout this video (not anytime soon anyway) but the fact that I can now even create a click button and simply ask ‘What is you name?’ and follow it with ‘How are you doing ‘VariableName’? is a good start – so thank you.


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