Excel Video Lesson: Text Functions

This video tutorial is a demonstration of the Experience Level 1 Text functions.

Make sure to download the newest version of the Master Workbook that I updated earlier today to follow along.

The functions covered in this lesson are:


Extract of Level 1 – Text Functions from the Master Workbook:

Text Functions marked as Level 1

Next video lesson is Logical Functions and Formulas.

Any feedback is appreciated.

43 thoughts on “Excel Video Lesson: Text Functions

  1. Superb Ben- People like you always encourage free and excellent education for all. Its been fun watching and learning through your videos.
    Great and keep going…!!!

  2. Hey Ben how can I paste in the stuff that you did at the start of the video. I can’t figure out exactly how to do it easily. Thank you

  3. I was looking for something to help expand my knowledge of excel at the behest of my employer. I have found the videos invaluable and I refer to them almost daily – either to learn something new or to review and experiment with my own data. Love the videos.

  4. Hi,
    I sorry but the videos do teach any thing they just run out. for example I started with lesson two and the time for video was 14.36 mins but the video shut down within just 1;00 min of time teaching me nothing about excel functions. And not one but all the videos work the same way.

  5. Thank you so much as you showed all those functions that are really useful and you were really good in mentoring via video!

  6. I learned excel 20 yrs ago & have only used it for basic stuff. Excel 2010 came along & I now realize how far behind I am. I need to become more proficient for my job & your time & effort are a tremendous help. Well organized & easy to follow. Thank you! (Do you take on contract projects?)

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  8. right now i m jobless….
    my qualities:
    1 very very very good in logical reasoning
    2 can read any type of stock market… be it equity currency or commodity or even index related
    dont have requisite qualification
    only a graduate B Com
    not jobs in india in this sector without qualification
    Help me if u can in ur country…

  9. These are helpful, thanks. I personally am an interactive learner and the past couple I have clicked on just basically have you watch so I found those less useful.

    • Hey Ali,

      I struggled with this myself. For the function videos, I had to do them a bit less interactive in order to keep the overall video length managable.

      These examples still exist in the Master Workbook though, and you can certainly follow along / play with the formulas as I go through them in the video…

      Hope that helps, either way I appreciate the feedback 🙂



  10. This is probably a really dumb question, but in these examples you’re always referencing a cell that’s populated with data and never actually changing the data in the original cell. Is there a way to use the UPPER function to convert a column to all uppercase if all the data is already sitting in front of you rather than just copy it to a new cell with proper formatting?

    • One option would be to run the UPPERCASE formula in a separate column on all the cells (by putting, for example, =UPPERCASE(A1) in cell B1 and then clicking the fill handle to drag it down through all the cells. Then you can copy that column and paste -> values over the original text.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Lifesaver, really. I’ve been watching your videos for 2 days straight now and I’m amazed at how well they are done and how exhaustive they are! Many thanks all the way from Italy!

  12. Hey Joey,

    Thanks for the feedback, I added in some explanations of which formulas I’m covering in the video and a snapshot from the Excel spreadsheet.

    Hope to be uploading another couple videos later tonight or tomorrow.


    – Ben

  13. I think it would be nice if you could put a little summary of the functions used in the post. Anyway nice work, keep going!

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