Excel Video Lesson: Naming Ranges and Cells

Named Ranges in Excel

This video tutorial explains how you can name ranges or cells for use within functions & formulas.  It is a great follow-up to the last video lesson on Absolute & Relative cell referencing.

I’ve found it incredibly useful throughout Excel.  It helps to alleviate the concern that you’re pulling information from the wrong area, and makes formulas more easy to follow.


If you found this Named Ranges video interesting, you may want to check out the Five Powerful Excel Tips video which goes over Dynamic Named Ranges (which allow for the named ranges to change as more data is added to them).  It’s the first tip in the lesson!

33 thoughts on “Excel Video Lesson: Naming Ranges and Cells

  1. I really appreciate your free services on Excel and i am in the process of learning it so these are coming handy. However, i think by jumping into VLookup right after introductory lessons really confused many people out here!


    • Hi, you may want to check out the previous lesson on the guide, “Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing (i.e. the $ sign),” in which he explains how vlookup is done on this same sheet. This video appears to be a continuation of that one.

  3. Hi, i cant seem to access the videos in a library. I ve used chrome but its just said the webpage may have been moved…

    can you help please ? thank you

  4. Hello, there is a calculation error on this sheet. The sum of student test scores in column one is 783 instead of the shown 733.
    Please make the correction.

  5. I’ve it the video crash on me a few times. Maybe it was my browser. But, could you also include a YouTube link as an option?
    Thank you!

    • It’s not very audible because I was kind of talking to myself 🙂

      I said “Actually it doesn’t seem like many people are very good”, referring to the students’ test scores. The wink leads me to believe you may have caught it 🙂

  6. I love your site! I am analyzing huge amounts of data that I import weekly from a database and utilize the named data ranges in formulas to pick up information. Sometimes it will grow or shrink in the number of rows (but never in the # of columns) when I sell something new. Is it possible to name a range of data that will automatically grow with the newly imported data?

  7. Very helpful video. I’ve known about named ranges for a while, but have always been afraid of not using them correctly. This finally gives me some confidence to start.

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  9. For some of us this goes too quick, but still very helpful. It is good to know you can go online and learn these applications. The MUSIC has got to go! 🙂

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