Excel Add-In: ASAP Utilities

Hey Everybody,

Here is a really nifty add-in that I recently found (free for personal use, one-time fee for businesses).  It’s called ASAP Utilities.

Some examples of important features in the add-in:

–       Cell selection based on content, formatting, etc [examples: select all cells between 50 and 250 or all bold cells or all red cells]

–       Advanced sorting [examples: font color, bold, formula, text length, etc]

–       Apply formula/calc to selections [example: add “/24” to the end of all formulas, or change formulas in bulk, copying formulas without moving references]

–       Easily export/import files [Excel, TXT, database, web, create CSV and delimited files]

–       Vision Control [allows for bulk editing of formatting across entire workbook]

–       20+ Additional Excel functions/formulas

Here’s a full list of features by category.

I recommend giving it a spin; it has loads of interesting/useful features and can be especially useful for beginners since it has an easy interface.

Please leave a comment to let me know of any specific sections of the lesson plan that you’re looking forward to.  I appreciate your patience with the videos!

– Ben

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