Excel Video Lesson: Data Validation

This Excel video lesson walks you through how to set up Data Validation rules.  The main purpose of Data Validation is to set up rules so that only certain types of information can be entered into cells (which helps to reduce manual entry error).

Make sure to download the most recent Master Workbook to follow along.

Let me know if you have any questions!

12 thoughts on “Excel Video Lesson: Data Validation

  1. Hi Ben,

    As with others I have found your tutorials informative. I have however run into an issue that should have an easy answer, but after several google hours I have come up empty.

    I am using nested IF functions in the start and end boxes of ‘between’ validation. The problem is that these formulas are lengthy and expand beyond the limits of the boxes. So when attempting to edit the equations, I need to scroll horizontally through the equation. How is this achieved?

    My first attempt intuitively was to use the scroll arrows, but this just added the selected cell to the formula and cursed through the cells as I hit the arrow. My second attempt was to left click & hold and allow the selection to scroll through then try to stop at the point needing editing… I needed to be very fast to make this work. My third attempt was to edit the equation in a blank cell then cut and paste it into the validation formula bar once it was working properly.

    I believe that I am missing something here as it should be quite easy to scroll through these formula bars.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hey,
    Is there a way to condition the cell to outline red when a bad input if entered?
    I know there are ways to do this off of formulas/conditioning but I’m wondering from within the context of the ‘Data Validations’ tool native in excel.


  3. Very helpful thank you!

    Could you tell me, is it possible to make a Validation Time Citeria that makes a user put time into military format and also use a colon (12:00AM – 24:00PM)?

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  5. Awesome 🙂
    This site is so damn useful that I’m close to registering, despite how much I hate doing it lol.

    But I had a question/issue that came up as I was practicing this on my own that I would hope someone might be able to help clarify for me.

    When doing data validation – you can only have 1 list? It won’t let me combine ranges, so
    instead of being able to do for example:
    =(List_Fruits, List_Vegetables, List_Meats)
    I had to make one master list, List_Food for all the items.

    Heres what my range looks like for List_Food (each [ ] bracket being a cell)

    So now my master List_Food is a that entire range, vs each one which just included the items.
    The difference here being my List_Food range includes my header titles, like [–FRUITS–] … which I don’t want to be a “good valid data” choice. This also makes it harder to distinguish which item is which for later uses.

    The whole thing might be a little silly and unnecessary but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas/solutions/similar problems they could share/discuss.
    I suppose I could have posted this on reddit for discussion, rather than here 😛

    Anyway, thanks again for such a great site!

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