Video Lesson: Introduction to Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are an extremely useful way of analyzing large sets of data quickly and easily in Excel.

This video lesson provides a beginner’s introduction to Pivot Tables.

Download the most recent Master Excel Workbook to follow along.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get your hands dirty with Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1

69 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Introduction to Pivot Tables

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  2. this is great…but, how do i make a data table to begin with? I have inputted the information and went to ‘insert tab’ and the ‘what if analysis’ to choose data table…but when I get to row input cell…etc, i don’t know what to type in there.

  3. When I go to add a filter for employees, I get an error saying “We can’t do that to a merged cell”. I am using Excel 16 and haven’t edited your worksheet at all. I’ve tried unmerging cells in both the 6-Pivot 1 and 5 – Pivot Data (example 1) tables.

    • Nevermind, I did change your sheet by deleting the pivot table and starting it over. The problem was putting the pivot table in B3 instead of B4 like in the video, resulting in Excel wanting to put the filter in the “Back to Table of Contents” cell.


  4. Hey, when I try to put in a ‘Report Filter’ it comes up with an error saying “A PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable Report.”

  5. Unless I am missing something I get an error that states “A PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable Report.” I am one minute into the video I triple checked the steps, but I am still getting the error. I don”t know if you know what it is stating or if you could reproduce it to see what the issue is.

    Thank you though these video are great and I will continue to use them. Ill just have to skip this one for now.

    • Same Guy, never mind I am an idiot, but of course you already knew that.

      On the 6th sheet in the Master Excel Workbook you have a table and in the video I was selecting the same row and column (B3) as you which had a table in it. So I just clicked an empty area and voila it worked.

      My apologies

  6. Hi Ben,
    This is very helpful
    one more request can wehave a single link for all the available lessons so that we can download it once and learn at our own pace?

  7. Hey !A great introduction to Pivot tables but i guess this video is not playing properly now…didn’t got the full lesson:(

  8. Many thanks indeed! I have used Pivot tables before, but never really understood the four “boxes” at the bottom of the item list …. Now I do!

  9. This courses have helped me so much! The flexibility to go over course over and over again, is ideal for me. I’ve played the same video a number of times just so I can practice and remember the lesson. This is something you don’t get in a classroom. You get the class and if you got it okay, if not, then too bad. The instructor is extremely easy to understand, he explains and demonstrates. Very, very, very good.

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  11. Page 6 Isn’t blank like in the video. It has a data table already input and this is with the latest version from January 11, 2013. Just f.y.i.

  12. Thank you very much – very helpful and will be going through each of your lessons. You have great speaking tone and most importantly, you care!!! Thanks so much for doing this

  13. Thank you so much.. i now some what understand it. My worksheet did not work like the tutorial.. but I still received some information. I do have a better understanding.
    thank you again

  14. You taught me more in 2 minutes and 50 seconds than I have been able to figure out in hours of classes and years of beating my head against the wall. Thank you for revealing the obvious clearly and beautifully! Wow! Thank you!

  15. Great lesson. I’m going in for an interview as an analyst tomorrow and I’ve had multiple phone screenings that all asked if I knew Pivot Tables in Excel – needless to say, tomorrow I can say yes. I appreciate you taking to time to teach this for free.

  16. Excellent lesson! Thank you so much for providing this; I’ve been trying to figure out how to use Pivot Tables in my work, and this was a great intro so that I can get an idea of what I could do with it.

  17. Loved the lesson. It was simple, clear and easy to duplicate. I had never used pivot table. I was totalling everything the hard way which was very time consuming. After watching the video, I went to one of my spreadsheets, inserted a pivot table and the results were calculated within seconds. Amazing. This will be a great tool for me in Human Resources!

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