Video Lesson: Math and Statistical Functions

This Excel video lesson is about the Experience Level 1 Math and Statistical Functions in Excel.  Here is the level 1 function list extract from the Master Workbook that goes along with the video lesson.

The formulas discussed in the video are as follows:





As always, make sure to download the latest Master Workbook to follow along.

EDIT: The Gross Profit formula should not be including the ‘Retail Price’ in it’s SUM function.  I’ve left this mistake in there so that the numbers remain the same in the video & file, but I just wanted to point out that the calculation is incorrect.

Next up if you’re following the Lesson Guide is learning about Date & Time Functions (e.g. TODAY, MONTH)

34 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Math and Statistical Functions

  1. Hi Ben,

    Many thanks for uploading these lessons. They certainly are very useful to me at work and the masterwork book too. Very handy.

    Thanks a ton.

  2. I’m a beginner and want to learn these formulas but some hoe I found its going faster than your other videos. Can you suggest some video before watching this one.
    Thank you for sparing that much time. It’s helping a lot

  3. Dear Ben, I’m a kinaesthetic learner, do you have any exercises that are more ‘walkthrough’ orientated? You tell us about a lot of the functions, but you don’t tell us how to make that dropdown chart etc. Basically, I would learn more if I could follow instructions to build exactly the same chart from scratch as you did along with inserting the functions myself, step by step. Thank you for you videos they are a help. Daniel

  4. The median function will always return the middle value of a SORTED set of numbers, regardless of the actual order in the array.

    • Hey RB, I was having trouble finding it too. Go to the 4th spreadsheet (Function Examples) and click the “+” sign the the left of “Math and Statistical Functions”.

  5. The revenue does not equal the average retail price times the units solds. You put a wrong number for the average retail price.

    • The revenue value is correct and the average retail price is indeed incorrect as you pointed out, thus making your first sentence irrelevant. What is your point? do you understand the point of the video?

    • Hey Cam,

      The video loads fine for me. What kind of computer (PC/Mac) and what browser are you using?

      Might be a temporary hiccup which will correct itself, or may be related to something else.



      • Hi Ben,

        I’m having similar problems with this video. All the others work fine, just not this one. Any ideas? I’m using Windows 8 by the way.



  6. Howdy Ben,

    When I opened the spreadsheet to the section you’re on, I noticed that in the average category – Cell number C 118 – it read 15.50 and in the median category – Cell number C119 it read 15 instead of what you have with to start with in the video.



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