Video Lesson: Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1

Pivot Tables are extremely useful in Excel.  This Advanced Excel video lesson is a follow-up to the Introduction to Pivot Tables and covers the first round of advanced topics.

The lesson goes over some additional Pivot Table options and features including:

– Drill-down functionality which creates a summary sheet of any Pivot Table amount selected.

– Pivot Table Options including show/hide totals, error/empty cell display options, and refresh when opening workbook (and more).

– Value calculation options including sum/count/average, % of grand total, and % of parent row / parent column total.

– Formatting / display options including row/column label layout, sorting labels, and other formatting.

As always, download the latest version of the Master Workbook to follow along at home.

Feel like you’re starting to master the Pivot Table?  Move on to Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 2 to continue learning more!

66 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1

  1. Amazing Ben! this is just so useful. You are awesome ad thanks so much for sharing these videos, I’m going to be an advanced excel user 😉

  2. This is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for posting your knowledge online. I’m so glad to find this website to refresh my excel skills. Excellent explanation with very good demonstration – very easy to follow.

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Ben. I really enjoyed watching your video and learning Excel at my own pace. God Bless!

  4. Does anyone know how to access the “Layout & Print” tab found in “Field Settings”—or its equivalent—when using Excel on a Mac? The information shown here as being in the “Subtotals & Filters” tab shows up, but there’s no Layout & Print tab.

  5. Great lessons! You are indispensable! Your explanations are very precise and clear!
    In the formatting options in 6″ though I can not drag down the Employee to the Row label- it gives me a message that a pivot table can not overlap another pivot table. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  6. Clear instruction and great information..Thank you for your time and effort! This as very helpful in preparing me for an important interview that requires pivot tables..

  7. Another informative, straight to the point lesson! I’ve been using pivot table for over 4 years and I still learn few additional features from your 6 mins lesson. Olea’s suggestion is quite good in taking pivot table to the next level.

    Again Thank you!

  8. Man you are good. I never heard of pivot table before but you thought me in less than 5 minutes.
    Please post more videos. Thanks a lot.

  9. Great work. Very useful…Thanks a lot. Please upload videos on importing data from various sources and some financial functions like Multiple regression, trend line, Statistics.

  10. This is really great and practical! Many jobs are required knowledge of Excel and pivot tables. I wish all your lessons were connected in some sort of a project i.e load data from different sources and make the reports applying conditions, formatting, pivot tables etc. Also, more exercises would be helpful! Thanks again!

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