Video Lesson: Creating and Designing Charts

Excel has very powerful charting capabilities, which many users do not take full advantage of. This lesson goes over a few of the types of charts using some example data.  Here is a quick summary of what is in the lesson:

– How to use the Insert Chart feature for Line, Pie, and Column charts.

– Formatting/editing chart axes, data labels, legends, data series, and chart titles.

– Detailed introduction to Sparklines (which allows for charts within individual cells).

Make sure to download the Chart Lesson workbook to follow along with the video!!

20 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Creating and Designing Charts

  1. Hi,

    i am not able to find the Chart workbook. Is it part of the same Master workbook or is it a different workbook. Could you please provide me the location of the Special chart workbook.

  2. Thank you. I recently took a Proove it exam for a recruiter and realized that I am so behind on my MSOFFICE skills. I wish I had viewed these lessons prior to taking the test. Now I am prepared for the next recruiter!


  3. Your session were very informative and easy to understand. Thank you very much. However, I was looking for a solution to a pivot table drill down question. How to customize the drill down output. For example, the Revenue number in the pivot table is 10,000 which is made up of 60 rows of detail data with several columns of data. I want to only show the customer names (only once and the total for that customer). Any idea how to do this?

  4. Thank you so much for your tutorials!! I have to brush up on Excel very quickly for a job application and I’m amazed by how much I’ve picked up in the past few days watching your videos. So grateful!

  5. My version of Excel doesn’t have a “Sparklines” section under the Insert tab. Are there any other alternate ways to input a sparkline?

  6. Great tutorials! The problem I’m having is this video is automatically restarting at 6min on every browser I use. I can’t go past that point to see the rest of the tutorial unfortunately.

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately I can’t recreate the problem you’re having. The full video loads on my end, and I am able to skip throughout (including past the 6 min mark and to the end).

      Maybe it was a hiccup with vimeo?

      Hope it starts working for you!


      • Seems to be working today!

        Thanks again, these are extremely easy to follow and I’ve already used some of the techniques you’ve taught to reduce my workload significantly (Especially PivotTables). Very grateful for your work!

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