Video Lesson: Error Checking & Data Monitoring

Error Checking and Data Monitoring in Excel

In the following video tutorial, I go over the following items in detail:

Explanation and example of major error types in Excel:

#DIV/0 — #VALUE! — #REF! — #NAME? — #NUM! — #N/A — #NULL!

Overview of Excel’s built-in error checking options and functionality.

How to use “Go To Special…” to find errors easily.

Copy / paste large data areas for data monitoring.

Using direct comparison, and SUM/COUNT functions to compare data changes.

Use of Conditional Formatting for emphasis when comparing ranges.’

Download the Error and Data Checking file to follow along with the video lesson!

8 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Error Checking & Data Monitoring

  1. For Leyla,
    I’m afraid is to late to answer to your question , I did this using conditional formatting /highlight cells rules / equal to true- with-
    choose custom format /font color -red then fill/pattern color -automatic.
    Best regards

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