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How to recover unsaved Excel files

Imagine you had been working on a really important Workbook for hours and the system crashes. The file is not saved, and you just lost hours of work because you forget to hit the save button. But what about when … Continue reading

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Microsoft Excel Error – “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”

We all have used Microsoft Excel and no matter what field of business we work in, Excel is an absolute necessity. It is a part of the very successful Microsoft Office suite which gets regular updates every year. Of course, … Continue reading

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Protecting and Hiding Information and Formulas

Thanks again to Nick Williams at Acuity Training for this guest post! When creating an Excel spreadsheet that is going to be sent on, particularly to those less Excel savvy, it can be useful to restrict certain functionality, as well … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Five Powerful Excel Tips

Make sure to download the most recent Master Workbook to follow along! I’ve noted the time that each section starts in the video, but you may want to let it load completely first as I’ve had errors skipping around early. … Continue reading

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Alternative to Merged Cells (Quick Tip)

Typically, many users are drawn to the Merged Cells feature in Excel, despite it having some significant disadvantages (especially related to copy/paste of ranges). Frequently, Merged Cells are used in areas to group cells together visually, which can be done … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Remove Duplicate Values from List

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Many times there are instances when you’ll have a large amount of data and you’ll want to be able to extract a listing of one specific column with only one line for each item type. For example, you may have … Continue reading

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Excel Course: Book and Website Recommendations

I wanted to suggest a few books that I’ve used in the past which are extremely helpful in learning Excel.  I’d recommend checking any one of these books out as they have lots of useful information and examples for how … Continue reading

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Quick Excel Tip – Grouping Rows / Columns

As I mentioned in reply to haeso’s comment on the first video, there is method of joining rows or columns together called ‘grouping’.  It can be very useful when you want to have different ways of displaying data, or be … Continue reading

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