Excel Course: Book and Website Recommendations

I wanted to suggest a few books that I’ve used in the past which are extremely helpful in learning Excel.  I’d recommend checking any one of these books out as they have lots of useful information and examples for how to get the most out of Excel:

Excel for Dummies 2010 (All-in-One)

Excel 2010 Bible

Excel 2010: The Missing Manual

Excel 2010: Power Programming with VBA

The last book is specifically related to Macros and involves programming with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  I would recommend any of these as self-teaching tools for doing additional learning outside of my lessons.  Many of these have earlier 2007/2003 counterparts which would be good if you have that version of Excel.

Additional Excel Online Training Resources

– Educational: Chandoo

– Educational: OZgrid

– Educational: Excel Easy

– Educational: Chip Pearson

– Educational: Mr. Excel

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  1. Andrew says:

    Ben, thanks for all the hard work! Your structured lessons are a great resource for new and intermediate users, and I recommend them to all my visitors!

  2. Visit my site also. I’m sure you will like it.

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