Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Our friends over at filtered.com have provided a handy Excel Shortcut info-graphic going over some popular Excel shortcuts.  Hope you enjoy:

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

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6 Responses to Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

  1. HARI KRISHNA says:

    Very small letters .we can not zoom since it should be in big size.

  2. A N SURESH says:

    Excellent learning especially for professional with experience and scheduled busy. Can enhance his excel computing and paving way for faster and easy work.

    Thank you team excel exposure

  3. Anonymous says:

    try this, its awesome https://excelexposure.com/

  4. Are there courses for Excel 2013?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank’s a lot very useful………..

  6. Vanessa says:

    New line in same cell is a great feature. I’d often written my text in notebook then copy and paste it into the cell that way. This one feature will save me loads of time.

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