Video Lesson: Beginner’s Introduction to Excel

One video that I have been meaning to do is a lesson focused on those of you who have never (or rarely) used Excel, and needed an introduction to the program and how it works.  I’ve created this lesson in an attempt to introduce the most basic information about what Excel is and go over some examples of what it could be used for.

Disclaimer: If you’re pretty familiar with Excel, this video may be boring.  You have been warned!

Throughout the lesson, I explain the following information and questions in great detail:

– What am I looking at when I open Excel for the first time?

– Explanation of Column / Rows and how referencing works.

– Navigating Excel, knowing where you are in the spreadsheet, and the ‘name box’.

– Overview of sheets including adding, deleting, and renaming.

– Explanation of hard-coded values vs. formulas/functions, and Excel default cell formats.

– Formatting options including bold/underline, alignment (e.g. centering), and creating borders.

– Information about the formula bar, and how to use the ‘Insert Function’ feature.

– Example of creating a simple personal finance tracker and how to input information into Excel.

– Introduction to the Master Workbook, including the function listing and previews of examples from other lessons.

Feel free to show this lesson to anyone who wants to learn Excel but doesn’t know the first thing about getting started!

Now if you’re following the Lesson Guide, you should move on to Learning Basic Formatting Techniques.

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    Thank you very much!! Well done job!!

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    Excellent and easy to understand.

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    I’m sure your videos are excellent but I can’t get the volume up high enough to hear you without straining.

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    Thx for every words.

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    Hi Ben, Thank you so much. It’s really useful video.

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    Thank you for this video. I’m going to follow your lesson plan and complete this course. You teach well and are concise in your explanations.

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    HI !! I have watched the first part and it is really an excellent lesson.

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    Thank you for the time you took to create these videos.

  9. Jodelyn says:

    I am using Excel every single day but still good to know more and more, just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge to all of us. God bless you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful thing you have done for the community at large. To find such detailed, clearly communicated lessons about Excel is a joy. Thank you very much for your hardwork and time on this. It is a real gift to other Excel curious people!

    Hope you have a wonderful life!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cheers, bruv!! I really admire and appreciate this upper echelon work of yours and how you freely distribute it. Your humble and patient approach is a gift many formal “teachers” do not possess, and I am sure you have manifested greatness in your life. Good life to you, mate!

  12. Sanchita says:

    Thank u so much for providing such valuable information for free God bless you

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    Wow what a Lesson. Thank you so much, because i could not even understand this lessons better when i was at school…
    Thank you

  14. askntombi says:

    Wow! For the FIRST time in my life I used the excel successfully. I was embarrasingly clueless but the first lesson was such an eye opener. BLESS YOU

  15. Caris says:

    Thank you so much for providing such useful information for free! This is a life-saver. You speak in an organized and pleasant manner, too… so many other how-to videos are full of painful rambling, but you’re easy to listen to and extremely informative.

  16. Johnpaul says:

    Hi I am looking for opportunity to learn excel. iam a begenner please I will be grateful.

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    Awesome Videos and Mentoring. Thank you so much as it helped a lot.

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    Thank you for the video. I am registered for an excel class. I feel confident knowing I have a general idea of what to expect.

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    highly appreciated
    (y) love the way you mentor

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    great videos, now i find excel interesting and helpful.
    Thankyou for sharing

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    excellent !! May lord reciprocate you for this lovely work

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    please am new here…I missed the first video and am pleading with any one here to help me get it now. ..thanks so much in advance.

  23. A.S. says:

    Hello! Very helpful. Great work, Ben! Thank you so much. 🙂
    Now, if I wish to give these to my colleagues, do you suggest of any way to track their progress, so that I can make them do it on a schedule? :Thinking:

  24. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all the best in your life.
    Truly extremely valuable videos that one can hardly gets online!

    Thank You 🙂

  25. larissa says:

    hi, am looking for someone who can help me out with excell functions and formulas. ib

  26. kim says:

    Hi Ben,
    Is there a way to work within the workbook, while watching your video so I can reference back and forth as I go along?

    • Christine Berry says:

      I am more of a book in front of my nose and then using this knowledge onto the computer. Would you kindly tell me which book I need to do the Excel for Beginners

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to help those of us that are seeking help regarding Excel for career advancement or for whatever reason at absolutely NO cost to us. It is much needed and appreciated.

    Lastly, the video sessions in addition to the cheat sheet/guide is clear and thoroughly articulated.

    God Bless You,

    • Hi Sofonda,

      Thank you so much for the kind words, and I’m very glad that you’ve benefitted from the site so much.

      Good luck on your continued improvement of your Excel skills!



  28. Siva says:

    Very useful

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m really happy to write the comments here. While I was going through the video, I felt like I’m gaining something out of it. Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation.

  30. Goldenprinz says:

    please I can’t find where to download the video, please can someone help me or you mail me the video….

  31. Goldenprinz says:

    please I can’t find where to download the video, please can someone help me

  32. A. Tyrrell says:

    I can’t thank you enough for Excel Exposure. You have a clear, concise teaching style, which is very easy to understand. I’ll recommend your site to anyone who’d like to learn more about Excel.

    I’ve used Excel since it first came out but, since I’ve only needed it for a few functions, I have several gaps in my knowledge. Even in your first video, I learned about End Mode, a feature I didn’t know about until now. I’m sure I’ll find many useful gems like this as I go through your lessons.

    Btw, I’m glad to see they’ve expanded the cell limit so much. That was a serious problem early on.

    Thank you again for all your work.

  33. Thank you , i never paid attention in my school and now i have to used to get to know excel . however, it’s just one single video. do you have serious of videos for the other formulas?

  34. Shreya Majumdar says:

    Hello Sir,
    The video is very easy to understand and the way you explain stuff is also great. I love the detailing that you’ve done in each video. Thank you so much for coming up with this. I really needed this.

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    Awesome!!! Great job 🙂

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    Really superb knowledge gainer on excel.

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  38. Gordon Hopkins says:

    Awesome, this is just what I’ve looking for for years, at last I’m able to understand how Excel spreadsheets work, as the tutorials that came with the Excel I bought was rubbish & you explain it perfectly & in a way one can follow it precisely to the letter. Thank you, and I’m going to follow the whole course. Amazing! You’ve just made my year. Again, THANK YOU.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the video. I have used Excel for simple projects in the past but needed a refresher to prepare for new position that requires heavy use of Excel. I have avoided positions requiring Excel in the past but decided to face my fears and go for it . As a senior (59 years) I find it difficult to focus sometimes but I was able to follow along and understand your instructions. This was very helpful!!

  40. Anant Saxena says:

    You are just amazing. Thanks a ton for all the help. people like you just more often exist. Also, through these videos, I am not just learning how to excel better but great deal of stuff about how to document.

    Thanks again

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    thanks for lesson, very useful

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    Awesome awesome awesome. I really enjoyed this short introductory video. As an absolute novice, I used it to do my budget. Thank you soooo much.

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      thank you so much for this wonderful video, very useful and may god bless you for setting this up. i am 65 yrs old and i found it to be very useful. thanks again

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    you rock

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    Thank you so much, the way you explain everything makes it easier for me, I just started and I look forward to continue! Thanks in advanced, this is going to help me succeed and find a job.

    Highly appreciated.

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    This was sooooo informative! I did it in college but its been over 5 years since I had to do it and I didnt want to buy a how to guide. thank you so much! very practical and slow enough to get

  46. Claire says:

    I agree with every positive comment mentioned. Older woman needing to remain in the workforce, lacking these skills that are so essential in most office environments today. Very grateful, thank you

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    Excellent……..Can’t wait to learn more!

  52. So very informative. I took excel twice in College, but literally never paid attention. Now I need to know how to use it, so I am happy to have found this class, that is saving me tons of money! Thank you so very much!

  53. Very useful way of explanation..

  54. Dennis Gore says:

    Thank you Ben for the work you put into these lessons they are well done but of no use to me (I Am deaf) I will UNsubscribe To save you any more work on my participation. Keep up the Good work Ben your efforts are badly needed.

  55. Shiqi says:

    Thank you for this video!! I don’t know excel, which is horrible. Now I will start with your lesson and hopefully learn all about it! Thank you thank you thank you!

  56. Tuan Ho says:

    Thank you for taking time to make this video, it is useful for me. I will continue with other sections.

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    Thank you for taking the time to create these videos as well as the Master Workbook. Very good info, I’m taking the class from the beginning. I’m not a beginner using excel but I’m glad I started in the basics first because I still learned somethings I didn’t know.

  58. Rakibul Hasan says:

    It’s an well organized package to learn Excel…. thank you…. Hope i will learn more from your site 🙂

  59. Phil Seakins says:

    Thank you for this excellent tutorial. Although I’ve been coding for 40 years I have always struggled with excel as it seems so clumsy. Today I discovered my issue. Clicking and dragging in Windows Explorer is a big No-No as you can so easily destroy your disk and file integrity. So I’ve always been careful to never do so in Excel. But early in the lesson that’s exactly what you did, although you didn’t exactly SAY that’s what you were doing. At 7:41 you said “highlight the area”. It would have helped if you had explained that simple step (with the words – “click and drag”) – I guess it is second nature to you and you assumed that everyone knew that’s what you were doing. So that has been my roadblock. Then, later you showed that you start typing a formula and then you click on a cell and magically the cell address gets typed in. This was interspersed with the word “plus” which apparently you were typing as you clicked on the individual cells. I sensed that this was possible but I had never been able to figure out how to do it. Suddenly a lot came clear and I see that this really is a lot easier to setup that I thought. I am looking forward to following the entire course.

    My comment is not meant as a criticism but just to show you a couple of points that weren’t immediately obvious, to me, in the lesson

    Thank you again. This is a turning point for me.

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    Thanks a million, this is really good; keep it up.

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    only one video I’ve watched so far and I’ve learned so much already. What a blessing to stumble upon your website. You’re a wonderful, excellent teacher and I’d like to thank you for all your efforts, patience and dedication you put in to help people like me. Thank you again, Sir!!! Blessings to you and always!!!!

    • Zephaniah says:

      I agree. I thought I knew a thing or two about Excel only to find I was off in my thinking.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I about to inherit responsibility at work for pricing multi million dollar contracts with many moving parts. Although I am already a basic user, I still picked up some tips from the intro lesson and am going to get stuck into the other lessons pronto. Ben – thank you for taking the time to help us all out with learning about this very powerful tool!

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    September 19, 2013
    Thanks sooo much for creating these video tutorials! I’m just starting but already feeling empowered! Angie

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    Hi, I’ve only watched one video so far but I’ve already learned quite a bit I wasn’t aware of. Your style of teaching is very exact yet clear. I appreciate the work you’ve put into this and am looking forward to future lessons. 🙂

    One thing I noticed that may or may not be an option for you is to maybe add some sort of captioning? I’ve been watching the videos on my laptop and don’t tend to use headphones so something I could read would be helpful as I don’t want to disturb anyone around me. Also I imagine it’d be great for deaf / hard-of-hearing users to have better accessibility to your site.

    Thank you very much for your effort in creating these tutorials!

    – Charlie

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    • Hey Robert,

      If you click on the ‘Vimeo’ logo in the bottom right corner for any of the videos, it will bring you to the Vimeo page for that video. Underneath, one of the options has ‘download’. If you click that it should work.

      Hope that helps!


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    • Hi Adeel,

      I’m really sorry to hear about how difficult your work situation is.

      My website is only related to Excel 2010, but has over 5 hours of video lessons to help you learn how to use it. The site is completely 100% free.

      If you look at the Lesson Guide, it has all the videos in the order you should watch them if you want to become a master at Excel.

      Hope that helps.



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