VBA Walkthrough #1: Purchase Order Generator

VBA Macro Walkthrough

One of the best ways of learning VBA is to take a look at completely functioning macros & code to see how others approach a problem.  In this video lesson, I walk you through a Purchase Order Generator that I created using Excel and VBA.  Throughout the video, the following topics are discussed:

– How to create unique userforms which allow users to input information in a separate window.

– Usage of VBA userform toolbox items such as Label, ListBox, TextBox, and Buttons.

– Coding related to specific events (when an item in a list is chosen, or a button is clicked).

– Declaring variables, and using worksheet functions in VBA.

– Populating Purchase Order sheet with relevant product information based on user’s selections.

Download the Purchase Order Generator workbook to follow along.

Also, this is the first video lesson with HOMEWORK!!  Please feel free to complete the assignments in the worksheet and send to ben@excelexposure.com for feedback.


See the Guest Video Lesson of the Homework Solution here!

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19 Responses to VBA Walkthrough #1: Purchase Order Generator

  1. Nicka says:

    Hi i just needed help, can you teach me how can i copy the PO i have generated to another worksheet without erasing the previous entry, (beginner homework number 2), i’ve already accomplished the copying part but somehow it overwrites the previous copied PO, what codes should i use in order to copy the new generated PO under the previous ones.

    here’s the code that i used

    Sub ButtonToCopy()

    ‘ ButtonToCopy Macro

    ‘I need to put here something like the “rowstart” to adjust the copied PO so it will not overwrite the previous ones

    End Sub

    Thanks 😀

  2. Karamveer says:

    It’s very halpfull.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How the hell did you populate your Product List ListBox? I have been searching for hours for a way to populate a ListBox I added but I just can’t find a way. Also where the hell is your code for populating the ProductList ListBox…? I double clicked the userform but I can’t find it anywhere.

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