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Video Lesson: Beginner’s Introduction to Excel

One video that I have been meaning to do is a lesson focused on those of you who have never (or rarely) used Excel, and needed an introduction to the program and how it works.  I’ve created this lesson in … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Information Functions in Excel

In the following lesson I go through the Experience Level 1 Information Functions.  These functions are used to obtain information about formatting & referencing about specific cell or range references.  In this lesson I review the following functions: ISBLANK – … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Basic Excel Formatting Techniques

Today’s video lesson goes through some of the basic formatting techniques in Excel 2010: – How to Use the Auto-Fill Drag Handle / Fill Series Options – How to Use the Format Painter – Freeze / Unfreeze Panes – Sheet … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Advanced Pivot Tables – Round 1

Pivot Tables are extremely useful in Excel.  This Advanced Excel video lesson is a follow-up to the Introduction to Pivot Tables and covers the first round of advanced topics. The lesson goes over some additional Pivot Table options and features including: … Continue reading

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Alternative to Merged Cells (Quick Tip)

Typically, many users are drawn to the Merged Cells feature in Excel, despite it having some significant disadvantages (especially related to copy/paste of ranges). Frequently, Merged Cells are used in areas to group cells together visually, which can be done … Continue reading

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Guest Excel Lesson: Introduction to Tables

User VertexVortex has been helping users out on r/Excel for quite a while.  After reaching out to him on Reddit, he agreed to help out by creating a lesson of his own specifically for this site.  Here’s his guest lesson on … Continue reading

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VBA Walkthrough #2: Message Encoder & Decoder

This VBA macro is hopefully a bit more interesting than the last, and shows how I created a message encryptor/decryptor in Excel using VBA/macros. The lesson covers these specific areas of VBA usage: – For…Next loop (including nested loops) – … Continue reading

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VBA Walkthrough #1: Purchase Order Generator

VBA Macro Walkthrough One of the best ways of learning VBA is to take a look at completely functioning macros & code to see how others approach a problem.  In this video lesson, I walk you through a Purchase Order … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Formula Auditing & Evaluation

Formula Auditing and Formula Evaluation are powerful components in Excel, and today’s video lesson goes over the following uses of the Formula Auditing features: Show Formulas:  How to change view to show formulas instead of cell results. Formula Evaluation:  See … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: Advanced Lookup – Index & Match

The versatility and usefulness of the Index and Match functions are cherished by Excel veterans, but many less experienced users have either not encountered them, or are a bit confused by the usage of the two. This Excel Video Lesson … Continue reading

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